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Understanding How Random Number Generators (RNG) Work

When we talk about casino games, we cannot avoid the Random Number Generation (RNG), all casino games has RNG, some involves skills suck as poker or craps so call them ‘beatable’ game, some are purely generated by random, for example slot machines, they are the ‘unbeatable’ games.

When it comes to slot machines there are a lot of myths going around. A lot of players talk about how a certain machine is “due to pay out” or that a certain machine is “on a roll” or “lucky”. The truth of the matter is that every single slot machine is controlled by a Random Number Generator, or RNG, which results in total randomization of each spin. In actuality there is no real way to predict what the next spin of a slot machine will be.

So how does the RNG work? Each slot machine contains a microprocessor that is working constantly to generate numbers. Most slot machines have an RNG that generates random numbers from 0 up to around 4 billion. Each of these numbers corresponds to a specific spin and a new number is generated every millisecond. The random number that has been chosen when you spin the reels is what results in the outcome of your spin.

You may have seen the following scenario in a television show or film, or you may have experienced it for yourself: You sit and play on a specific slot machine. You spin the reels on the same slot machine for an hour and you just can’t seem to win so you get up and move to a different machine. A minute after you get up someone sits down at the machine where you were playing, inserts 3 quarters and hits the jackpot. You may think to yourself that that was your jackpot! If you had simply spun the reels one more time you would have won! The truth of the matter is that it is highly unlikely that you would have won if you had spun once more. The winning jackpot was determined by the number generated by the RNG at the precise millisecond that this new player spun the reels.

You may be wondering what the purpose of the RNG is. The RNG is designed to make each slot machine 100% random and fair for all players. The Casino Control Board and other casino testing laboratories periodically check all slot machines in order to ensure that the RNG is running correctly and accurately and that all machines are equally random and fair.

Therefore, you can ignore such myths that you hear about slot machines closer to the casino front doors paying out more to entice players to come in and special systems that can help you win more when you play slots. The Random Number Generator ensures that each machine spins on a completely random basis. This holds true for both live slots and slots in online casinos.